Student Training

Student Training

We are training high school students, high school teachers, community and 4-yr college undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs in cell biology, genomic-editing, genomics, bioinformatics, and collaborative interdisciplinary research.

Below please find some images of our outreach and training of future young scientists.

High school student Susan Wu, won 3nd Place in Life Sciences at the Intel International Science Fair in Pittsburgh, PA in May 2018 with her work on rice transporters under supervision of postdoc Matt Prior.

UCR undergraduate Felica Ortiz examining a Secretome rice line as the seeds fill.

Martin Luther King Jr. High school senior Susan Su attended the 2018 ISEF International Science Fair in competition based on her project within the Secretome overseen by post-doc Dr. Matthew Prior. Susan Su is now attending MIT.

UCR freshman Alexandra Vacaru working with Secrotome rice seedlings before their transfer to the greenhouse.

UCR senior Oscar Gomez working on experimental set-up to investigate single gene target characterization of rice CRISPR/CAS9 knock-out lines for the SECRETome.

High school student Naomi Bensen carefully transplanting SECRETome rice lines regeneration from callus from agar plates into soil for initial bulking and characterization.